Colossal Cave

75 ft. underneath the mountain lies a dry cave that formed many thousands of years ago. While the photos won’t do it justice, I encourage you to visit this truly unique cave, if you ever find yourself exploring the beautiful Southern Arizona; and, if you visit in the winter, you will have the privilege of a beautiful scenic route, with palm trees, cacti, desert sand and snow covered mountains.

The cave system averages a 70 degree F. temperature year- round and it had been used three to four thousand years ago by the Hohokam Indians; remnants of their presence are still visible at the entrance to the cave. Only 5% of the caves in the United States are dry caves, where the formations do not grow as they do not have a water source- what you see today is what its antique inhabitants saw as well. Enjoy!

img_2600 img_2602 img_2603 img_2604 img_2605 img_2609 img_2610 img_2611 img_2612 img_2616 img_2617 img_2620 img_2622 img_2624 img_2630 img_2631 img_2635 img_2637 img_2638 img_2643 img_2644 img_2647 img_2650 img_2652 img_2654 img_2655 img_2656 img_2662


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