Ode to the Jumpsuit


Alright gals :), which one of you is not crazily in love with The Jumpsuit this summer?

Here’s to the gorgeous sunny days, the ones that call for the beach, margaritas… and a jumpsuit!

I am the lucky owner of a collection of cotton, silk, linen, monocolor, colorblock and bright jumpsuits..and the jumpsuit has become my number one “go to” this summer. You can pair one with heels or pumps for a posh look, wedges and flats for a casual one and even flip-flops for unlimited comfort. The Jumpsuit goes with everything and, depending on how you set your mood, it could give you a natural, elegant or girly efortless look.

The following is a selection of jumpsuits from three of my favorite relatively affordable brands (Anthropologie, VinceCamuto and LillyPulitzer), that hopefully will be inspiring…

For the love of the jumpsuit!:)













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