A weekend in Boston

Boston means more to me than a historical beautiful town of the East Coast. Boston is the city where I spent many days and nights, where I made priceless memories, where I keep dear friends; it’s the city to which I will always return to with a full heart, emotions and excitement; thus is no wonder that I chose to return for a weekend, with a defined plan in my mind: a little roaming around the streets, lunch and cappuccino in the North End, oysters at the Union Oyster House- the oldest tavern, a cold beer at the Irish pub next to my old apartment, and a ferry to the Cape. I loved every moment and my only regret was that the weekend went too fast.

If it’s raining when you land in Boston, the air becomes saturated by oceanic salty watery vapors. The smell of the ocean stayed with me while walking around the Common- the oldest park in the country. I used to walk in the park every day, on my way to and back from work, and the trees, benches, statues, flowers brought memories of happiness. I then went ahead to the enchanting Newbury street where I had to stop for tapas and sangria; I then walked around my old neighborhood of Beacon Hill with its narrow streets and brick sidewalks, and that brought even more precious memories of the evenings when the gaslit aisles transferred me to a fairy world.

The next day, lunch was exceptional, just as I remembered it, at Trattoria Il Panino. I ordered “the usual”: shrimp al limoncello and penne puttanesca. If you find yourself in the North End and don’t know which of the fabulous restaurants to choose, you cannot go wrong with the above. Obviously, a lunch in the Italian neighborhood is incomplete without a tasty espresso or chocolate flakes cappuccino and a slice of home made tiramisu at Caffe Vittoria.

Since I used to live in Boston, I did not go for the touristy attractions, but if you are a first time visitor, there are many historical sites that you have to set foot in, and everything is clustered and walkable. You also have to cross the bridge over the Charles River, to MIT and the Harvard campus. And, if you are like me, and a trip to Boston is not complete without a ferry ride to a nearby island, then make sure to include that on your tour as well.

I am posting some pictures from Boston to follow along and I will return with more of the Cape at a later time. Enjoy! and if you haven’t done it so far, plan a trip to Boston “as soon as humanly possible”!:)ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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