A weekend in New York

I love flash-travelling. And by that I mean travelling for one to two days to a far enough place that would completely take me out of my routine. Since I live in Chicago, I prefer quaint, green, quiet places and the fresh air, but I would never refuse a trip to New York.

While I won’t write much about my newest visit to NY, I will post some pictures to follow along.

We landed in New York a little after 8 o’clock. Our trip was going to be one of leisure. No site seeing, just walking, eating, and catching up with old friends. We quickly took the nearest subway to Canal street and started roaming around my favorite part of the city, Greenwich Village. The day started off gorgeously, with sun, mature trees, and a feeling of well being. The streets of this part of Manhattan are beautiful, and their creative Bohemian vibe can be felt at each corner. Tens of small coffee shops border the streets along with old, modern or fancy restaurants. We found a neat little terrace with a small iron table glistening in the sun, and we sat down to sip on a foamy delicious cappuccino.

We then walked along Broadway towards Central Park. Each time I walk around in New York, I feel the need to lose myself in the immense mass of people, yellow cabs, street entertainers, flashy lights and enormous ads. New York is like no other. The mixture of cultures, races, traditions is delightful, and they all converge in life pulsating at every step.

Central Park was beautiful. We fell asleep on the grass, smelling the fresh land, looking at the surrounding high rises. We took our time, walking, eating, admiring people, streets, trees, flowers. The city was alive, just like I knew it. I must have visited New York ten times so far, in different seasons, and I always find it fascinating and blooming.

If you live in the States, a weekend visit to the Big Apple is always doable and very inspiring.

While I don’t go for the tourist attractions anymore, each time I go back to New York, I find places I never knew of, and an ever changing culture that is hard, if not impossible to find elsewhere.

New York is indeed the emblem of the United States that everyone should visit once and then return to.



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