The bag!

I am a believer that a woman’s strongest accessory is her bag. A well chosen bag, worn with the right attitude,  makes any outfit a classy, sassy, chic one.  I am saying well chosen, because with the huge selection that is now available, it is easy to make a mistake and ridicule an otherwise inspired outfit. 
The right bag may also set the right mood, whether you feel playful, sexy, strong. Whatever shape, color or fabric you choose, your bag should do its job in completing your outfit, it should elevate your spirit, make a statement, and why not, perhaps even start a conversation. 
I prefer classic yet feminine shapes, neutral or pastel colors, and natural fabrics. I have made a very small selection of some recent discoveries, of some of my favorite brands, that will hopefully be inspiring. Now, mind you that this is a selection of casual handbags, and in no way pretentious as a night event would impose.

2 thoughts on “The bag!

  1. great suggestions! and i totally agree – the right bag is super important for any outfit 🙂

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