My hair suffered for many years. Ash blonde, almond blonde, light and dark red, brunette, long, short, medium, curly and straight, sun and rain, freezing temperatures and salted water, the wrong food, air polution, sleepless nights… my hair took it all! Finding the right shampoo or detangler had been a quest throughout.

I made the (wise) decision to become friends with my hair.Two years ago, I cut my hair short and renounced my ash blonde. I decided to give my hair time to grow and shine again. I had an urge to feel my hair soft and strong again, and I realized that I could not remember my natural hair color without looking at an old picture.. and that was wrong.

For two years now, my hair did not feel a drop of dye; I have not used styling gels and sprays, and I have only used the flat or curling iron ever so rarely. I avoided the blow dryer, and I used pure argan or shea oils, in lieu of commercially available protecting serums, oils, or detanglers.

In other words, I instituted a whole new philosophy on hair care. The easy, normal and natural way. I am happy I did. My hair is stronger, shinnier and softer than ever. It feels healthy and it looks healthy. I realized how much I missed my natural color, a soft chocolate brown, that no hair color could compete against.

Natural is beautiful. Later, when aging will show on my hair, I will mistreat it again, in an attempt to rejuvenate. Until then, I will let my hair be, respect it, and be proud of its youth, health and fabulous color.

I hope you will too…




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