We are starting the Journey..

    I travel whenever I can. Fortunately, I can. Unfortunately, I have a demanding job that does not allow much else on the side. I am though fortunate enough to be
    able to go places, even if it sometimes feels like I’m in a race. To name a few, in the last one year, I had my passport stamped in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Peru, Romania, and most recently, in India. I have also moved from Boston to Chicago and I travelled to the countryside of Wisconsin, but also to the coastal cities of San Francisco and New York. Oh, and let’s not forget the one day in London, on my way back from India to the United States. London is one of my favorite cities and even if I only spent a day, it felt good to be back after almost seven years. Each trip was an adventure, with little time set for sleep. Each place left its mark in my heart and I am lucky to have been There!, to see, breath, touch and feel all those places that once seemed too far.

    I want to describe the places I have been to and the people I met, to keep  the memories and feelings.

    I will start with India. I believe everyone should go to India once in their life, should let themselves be attacked by novelty, color, beauty, opulence, poverty. All my senses were saturated in India.

    Two weeks were not enough. I barely touched the very tip and this new and overwhelming culture. Although our trip ticked off the main touristy places, I want to believe that some day I will return to sense the real and the less accesible. We started in Delhi, drove through Mandawa, Jaipur, Agra, took the train to Khajuraho, and flew to Varanasi and Goa. The following will be a collection of images, memories, and feelings. Enjoy!


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