Trekking the globe

Since my early teenage years, I had an overwhelmingly powerful wish: to travel to various places on the planet, to experience, to breathe in, to take in new worlds, new cultures, new people, new habits, new skies. This wish stands high every day, and I believe it will continue to grow until late in life.

This is the best way to learn new, to discover, to blend in; and it takes no real effort. It comes naturally, once you let yourself become part of the new.

This adventure could take place oceans away, or, as close as in your own back yard. And if you set your disposition and let free, it could happen every day.

Over the past few years, I tried to accommodate a new location for each vacation and for each free weekend. From the rural sides of the four different continents I have been to so far, to small towns or large cities, all have made me imagine greater, think deeper, in the end creating a better me.

Enjoy the ride and I hope you’ll get inspired and share thoughts, feelings, places and people.


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