The sky is the limit or there is no sky limit

Femininity has equivalents. It is similar to a trace of lilly-of-the-valley spring perfume, to a carried-by-the-breeze white feather, to a ray of sun stroking through heavy clouds, to the fresh and rejuvenating summer rain.
Femininity is a matter of attitude and confidence. It translates into the art of loving and pleasuring. It is a colorful mixture of playfulness, grace and strength.

In a world where everything is fast paced, where time is never enough, where the woman holds a job and assumes the full role of the mother and of the wife, there is little time left for self; and when that job is disconnected from art, blooming with femininity becomes even more difficult.

This blog comes as a tool for promoting the feminine side in each of us.
We’ll start on a journey that will hopefully be inspiring, brave and self-indulgent.



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